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16 May 2019

Corporate M&A 2019. Ukraine Law and Practice | by Oksana Ilchenko, Ilona Zekely, Natalia Spiridonova, Aleksandra Yevstafyeva

Oksana Ilchenko, Ilona Zekely, Natalia Spiridonova, Aleksandra Yevstafyeva became the authors of Ukraine chapter of the Chambers Corporate M&A 2019 Second Edition Guide. arrow

4 September 2018

SCC partial award capable of recognition and enforcement in Ukraine (Ukrainian Supreme Court) | contribution BY Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi and Oleksandr Volkov, Thomson Reuters

In Ostchem Holding Ltd v Odesa Portside Plant Case No 519/15/17, Ukraine's Supreme Court held that an SCC partial award was capable of recognition and enforcement in Ukraine irrespective of ongoing annulment proceedings in respect of the final award. arrow

31 August 2018

Ukraine Introduces Nominee Holder Concept

Recently, the President of Ukraine signed the new law aimed at facilitating investments to Ukraine (the “Law”). The Law introduces the long-awaited concept of a nominee holder to Ukrainian regulatory framework. arrow

26 July 2018

Getting the Deal Through: Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy 2018 | contribution by Sergiy Grebenyuk, Orest Stasiuk and Olha Yurchenko

Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy charts the laws and regulations affecting attorney-client communications across the world. Topics covered include: professional rules and doctrines; differences in status between private practitioners and in-house counsel; protection limitations; secrecy duties; protection for agents of the attorney or client; protections for corporations; recognition of foreign protections; and protections for work product. arrow

11 July 2018

New FX Regulations are coming

On 21 June 2018 Ukrainian Parliament adopted the new Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Currency and Foreign Exchange Transactions” (the “New FX Law”) introducing a major and long-awaited reform of current FX regulatory framework. arrow

6 July 2018

Practical Law Arbitration: What to expect in the second half of 2018 | contribution by Oleksandr Volkov, Thomson Reuters

A number of arbitration-related developments are expected in the second half of 2018 and beyond. This article highlights the key areas to watch. arrow

14 May 2018

WCC reforms in Ukraine: two steps forward, one step back | article of Sergiy Grebenyuk and Orest Stasiuk, Expert Guides

During the years following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 reforms of Ukrainian legal framework, judiciary and law enforcement were driven by two key goals – fight against high level corruption and cutting of pressure on business from the law enforcement. arrow

6 March 2018

Liberalization of FX Restrictions

Effective as of 03 March 2018, further liberalization steps were adopted by the NBU by its resolution No. 19 (the “Resolution”). arrow

6 March 2018

New General FX License Procedure

Effective as of 28 December 2017, new rules and requirements for obtaining by non-bank financial companies (“Financial companies”) of a general license for carrying out of operations in foreign currencies (the “General License”) were introduced by the National Bank of Ukraine (the “NBU”). arrow

3 January 2018

Summary of Recent FX Novelties

Recently, the National Bank of Ukraine (the “NBU”) has adopted several resolutions introducing the following novelties into the currently existing FX regulatory framework. arrow

29 December 2017

Protection of intellectual property rights in pharmaceuticals: focus on Europe (in Ukrainian and Russian) | article of Viktoriya Podvorchanska, “Lawyer & Law”


27 December 2017

On the development of legal market in 2018 (in Ukrainian) | commentary of Serhii Sviriba, “Yurydychna gazeta”


27 December 2017

Draft Law “Buy Ukrainian” – advantages and disadvantages for domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers (in Ukrainian) | article of Viktoriya Podvorchanska, “Yurydychna gazeta”


26 December 2017

“Law on protection of business”: conduct of law enforcement officers during pre-trial investigation (in Ukrainian) | article of Orest Stasiuk, “Yurliga”


22 December 2017

On consequences and traps of the “Mask Show Stop” law in Ukraine (in Russian) | commentary of Orest Stasiuk, UBR